The whole design process is. $350.00 That is the Basic Usual.
If its much smaller, we'll adjust it.
If its a BIG Job, we'll adjust it!
Look for a Significant Saving either way!
The Beauty go with us for you construction project, we waive the $350.00 Fee and well, your Design & Consultation is Free!
If you decide to Shop around and compare, Do it Yourself DYI ): Well, No Problem! we'll even assist you in any reasonable way we can. The Design will be yours to do with what you please and we only ask, really do the Home Work I have laid out for you before you spend your money on a nightmare!
Digital Designs become the Property of the Client. Should you choose to have us Buld Your Waterfall or Pond the cost of the Design & Consultation is waived.
Remember, before showing another Company the Work Plan we created for you - be a 100% Certain they are installing the construction as strong as we do,

Are they Insured
Do they understand the capacities of filtration ?
Do they understand the Amount of water flow needed per hour ?
Do they understand the filtration value according to the Numbers and Sizes of the Fish ?
Are they knowledgeable on the different plants?
Do they understand Alkali and PH in the water?
Will they use Rebar in their construction ? If so, what type of Rebar ?
What type of sealer will they use to ensure 0 water leakage ?
Is the Contractor up on the types of concrete to ensure longetivity ? Nowadays, there is a lot of new concrete/cement technology that provides superior waterproof quality and strengths !
What type of safety precautions will they use in the working environment ?
Are they a clean type ? You dont need Pig Pen in your driveway or Yard making a Big Nightmare to clean up every day!
How will they dispose of their waste ?
Who will perform electrical work ? Only a licensed contractor should ! An Insured one !
Have all the underground electrical/sewage/septic/water lines been mapped out and out of harms way ?
Is your Contractor marking up the materials cost
(we provide details to all our suppliers ! WE DO NOT mark up these prices ! We like to pass on the Savings we get - to you !)
What can be sourced out locally in your own community to save transportation costs and keep your neighbours working?
(Sometimes, your Contractor is going to get you a better deal by using his/her frequent Suppliers !) This generally will apply to Equipment such as Pumps and Filters etc .
What is the Efficiency & Energy Rating on your Equipment ? (In this Day and Age, there are constant changes in technology and Green products such as Solar Power and Low Wattage Pumps, Bio-Filters, Ultra Violet Filters and the list goes on and on. Make sure the Contractor is at School on these Topics !
Actually as of this year, while I have been in China, I have discovered that some High Powered pumps may actually be able to be run on Solar Panels now ! As of last years, the cost of anything on the market that could power a Big Waterfall was not available to the regular consumer !
I haven't had a chance to really check them out to a great extent but, will have info on them real soon ! If they are at a reasonable cost and meet the specifications I would be looking for I will probably bring a couple different models home to Canada to test them out ! I will be sure to do a write up on them as soon as I have reliable testing to report !
Research the Brands and Models of your Equipment ! A quick look on the Internet will give you all the information you need if its a reputable Product ! If you have friends or neighbours with a pond or a waterfall see if they'll answer some questions ! Remember - during the Seasons you will be using your water feature, the pump will be running 24/7!
What is the Guarantee Periods on your Equipment ! What is the cost and time frame of replacements and repairs ? Who pays and for what scenarios ?
What is the Guarantee period on Construction ? If there are any problems due to Workmanship, the Contractor should be eating that cost!
Design & Quotation Cost ? How much for the Digital Design, Photos - Consultation ? (When we Quote and Design, the cost is excluded upon acceptance of the work! Obviously if it is an extremely time consuming and complex design, the cost will be absorbed into the Total Cost)

Purchasing Fish
Are your new Koi Fish coming from Wongs restaurant down the road ?
Who are they purchasing them from ?
You don't need a bunch of diseased fish !
This can get tricky !
I spend a lot of time in China doing this work and I have seen it all !
Koi Fish can range in price and health !
You are always best to consult with a reputable Koi dealer or a person who has experience with keepin Koi Fish over a lengthly period of time !
Koi Fish are pretty hearty but, you can invest a lot of money in these Fish and end up with a broken a Heart and a lot of Dead Fish and money out of pocket !
Try to really do your homework on this topic !

I have a lot of years of experience building waterfalls and my technical education was from Douglas Hoover out of San Diego, California at Waterfalls Naturally

If you need a Waterfall or Koi Pond or aWater Garden designed, constructed or just need some advice email ...Steven at


More to it than you were thinking? We've Got you Covered:)

Don't show them the Information you have been provided ! Merely see if they have covered all the same things as we would do ! And...I haven't covered them all here! If they don't - don't trust them to build your waterfall or pond!
Apart from Regular Maintenance - Do You Want to Enjoy your Investment Without Hassles?