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Turn your dream into reality with a new waterfall or pond!
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Digital Waterfall and Pond Designs

Let us Create a Waterfall and Pond Digital Design of your Water Garden Construction or Water Feature Construction Project

If you have already made up your mind and want to commence a new Waterfall Construction project or a Concrete Pond construction project here is a list of links to get you started....

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Re Max Real Estate Office Digital Design Photos

Re Max Real Estate Office

Re Max Real Estate Office Digital Design Photos

Re Max Real Estate Office

Rachels Diner Digital Design Photos

Rachels 50's Diner, Lions Head, Ontario, Canada

Rachels 50's diner digital photo

Rachels 50's Diner, Lions Head, Ontario, Canada

How it Works

The Above and Following Images are examples of Digital Waterfall and Pond Designs!

Some Images are works in Progress, possibly not a finished project. Some are merely to get an idea of what your Water Garden construction will look like - what Rocks to use, what Waterfall and pond Style suits your tastes and the area it will fit into!
So lets get started.
We will come to your home and based upon the area you have chosen to build your new Waterfall and pond, take a series of photographs.
We will take these photos back to our office and I will create a digital design of your waterfall and pond or Water Feature to give you a pretty exact blueprint of what it will look like after construction !.
At this time, we will discuss what type of stone or rock you may want to use. We have hundreds of choices! Even the type of stone you choose will be incorporated into your digital design.
When we are finished your Digital Design and have chosen the Stone, you will be able to see exactly what your new water feature will look like.
During this stage we can help give you some ideas on various plants to use, border fills, trees, etc...
I have photographed thousands of Plants, Trees, Shrubs, Domestic Flowers, Wild Flowers - Stones and Rocks of every shape, color and size and of every type.
We have fills and mulches and stuff I probably forgot to mention.
Also included in the digital library are hundreds of Natural Water scenes including Koi Ponds from China and Japan and my personal favourite, My Teacher & Consultant - Douglas Hoover.
I have an extensive High Resolution Photo Gallery with hundreds of man made Koi Ponds and Natural Waterfalls that I participated in construction or visited and photographed over the past 6 years in Canada, USA, Guangdong Province, Dongguang, Hubei, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Taiwan and many others.
There are also dozens of photos of Natural Waterfalls and Ponds from right here in Canada.
When you sign up for the Digital Makeup of your Water Feature construction we will include a DVD that includes the Digital Gallery of plants and rocks and stones, etc, as well as all Ive mentioned.
From this DVD, you can take some time and write down some of the images you will see that you may want included in your own Waterfall or Koi pond.
Also included are some High Resolution photos of man made and natural Lily Ponds in China. They are amazing !
All of the photos included in the DVD are High Resolution and Marked for easy reference.
We are currently having a small program developed that will simply allow you (from a computer) to mark the photos of any of the images you may want to use in your new waterfall or Koi pond design - project.
Another great thing about the digital design process is that any changes you want to make can be done in moments usually!

Before design photo of Azan jewelry Koi pond, Shenzhen, China

Digital design for Azan jewelry, Shenzhen, China

Before design photo of back of stone pile Azan jewelry Koi pond, Shenzhen

Digital design for Azan jewelry, Shenzhen, China

(Below)Digital design of the layout of the pump and filter system for an upcoming pair of waterfalls we are adding to an existing Koi pond for a large Jewelry and watch manufacturer in Shenzhen, China.

Digital Waterfall and Pond layout of the pump and filter system

(Below)Digital design of a Large Water Feature construction project in a Condominium Garden located in Keyuan, Shenzhen, China.

Digital waterfall and pond design for Keyuan, China

Digital Waterfall and Pond Design.Azan Jewelry Showroom, Shenzhen, China

Develop your Concept.

Digital Designs of Waterfalls and Ponds and Water Gardens.. We'll create a High Resolution Image of the finished waterfall, pond or Water Garden

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