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  • Waterfall design and construction
  • Waterfall and pond design and construction
  • Waterfalls and Ponds reconstruction
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Waterfall Design and Construction

Visit our Page for Digital Waterfall and Pond Designs

We Guarantee
our Waterfalls and Ponds from leaking not for 3 or 4 years,
but for as long as the client owns the pond!

Upper stream photo

Waterfall stream photo a Rachels Diner, Lions Head, Ontario, Canada

Waterfall with stream photo

Photo of limestone stream built from concrete

Photo of waterfall and pond at Rachels diner

SLR Eyewear Waterfall photo, Donguang, China 2015

SLR Eyewear Waterfall photo and Koi Pond photo

SLR Eyewear Waterfall and pond design and construction photo

Why We Are the Right Choice!

Douglas Hoover my Teacher, Consultant and Friend got me to where I am now in this Business ....
Douglas is about the most reknowned pond and waterfall construction expert in the United States.

After years of construction and landscape experience and having built many Waterfalls and ponds for friends, family and myself
I took a course from Douglas Hoover of the Aquamedia Group and after building my first professional Waterfall and Pond with my newly founded company at the time, he loved my work and took me under his wing !

I have built over 25 concrete waterfalls and Koi ponds!
I currently reside in mainland China during the winter months designing, rebuilding and constructing waterfalls and ponds for everyone and everything from Restaurants to large corporate showrooms!
I also build High End natural stone and concrete tabletop water fountains!

We guarantee our Waterfalls and Ponds from leaking not for 3 or 4 years,
but for as long as the client owns the pond!

Yes, we can guarantee the bottom drains and skimmer from ever being the source of a leak.>
Yes, we guarantee that you can walk on any rock in the waterfall or around the pond without it moving.
With our construction methods we can guarantee you will not see any concrete above water level when the project is finished.
Because we don't have to worry about damaging a liner, we don't have to be cautious with the size or placement of our rocks.
This enables us to create realistic and natural looking arrangements of the rock.
Function, safety, and aesthetics are all considered when webuildwaterfalls.com create a specification and design.
We specialize in projects requiring standard or special engineering, difficult sights, soil conditions, special plumbing and of course, Complete Natural Beauty.

Waterfall design and construction is our specialty. We design and build waterfalls for indoor and outdoor, showrooms, shopping malls, and now we've added several Indoor Waterfalls in Restaurants and Corporate Showrooms in China to our portfolio !


The Ground is excavated - Rebar added.

About 4.5 Inches thick - High Density Concrete (well above 4000PSI) poured to create our shell.

Sealer is Applied (2 Coats).

Rocks are held on with our Secret Waterproof Mortar.

Guaranteed for Life!

A waterfall at Rachels Diner in CanadaDesign, construction of a waterfall at Rachels Diner in Canadawaterfall, design and constuction at Rachels Diner in Canada


waterfall, design and constuction at Rachels Diner in Canada waterfall, design and constuction at Rachels Diner in Canadawaterfall, design and constuction at Rachels Diner in Canada

See a Video of the Waterfall in Action! Please Click the YouTube Icon Below!


Waterfall,design, construction video on youtube


outdoor concrete waterfall

Above is an example of a Finished Shell for a Small Waterfall and Pond.
Its already holding water quite well
and there has been no sealer applied yet.

concrete pond and waterfall with sealer

Above and below are examples with sealer just applied. Our Sealers are Industrial strength
being exactly the same as they would use in a Water Storage Facility or
Water Treatment Plants.
Totally safe for Humans and certainly for your fish!

waterfalldesign, construction completed, before and after photo

Our Mission and Goal:

We look at every project as if it is going into our own backyard. We understand and respect the value of your purchase and we want you to be proud that you contracted with Waterfall Fantasies. Our goal is to provide you with the best design and highest quality components package based on your needs and desires and to timely perform and manage the construction process. We communicate with you regularly and we are confident that you will be a happy Waterfall Fantasies client referral to other families in the years to come.

Value Engineering:

Building beautiful Waterfalls & Pondsis not our biggest challenge. The challenge is to incorporate all of your dreams and desires into your backyard environment and within your budget. We will review all the various components of your project including decking, hardscape, landscaping, and all other phases in order to help you determine what will best meet your needs.

Webiuldwaterfalls Consultation and Design Process:

First meeting and consultation: Waterfall Fantasies will schedule a meeting with you at your home to discuss your backyard dreams and ideas.

Backyard walk through: This is where we will discuss your layout ideas and yard conditions such as slopes, utility and equipment locations and other factors affecting placement of the waterfall or pond .

We will ask you several questions about the style and look you are trying to achieve; and we will listen to you. We will review all of the components of your project and give you a digital portfolio of photos to help guide you through the pre-design process. (you can view the DVD on TV or Computer)

*Note: We tend to be very thorough in this first meeting. Please plan up to 1.5 hours for the initial meeting.

2nd Meeting and design review:

In 3-4 Days, or sooner, a design review meeting will be scheduled at your home to review the design and cost analysis. This is where we are confident you will start to notice a difference between the builders that you are consulting.

Total Design Concept: Every Waterfall Fantasies waterfall or pond design is Digitally Designed (no templates) and will include a complete backyard design concept. Every design is unique and created for you.

Revisions: Any design changes and modifications desired will be noted and implemented into the plan before final review and also during the construction phase changes can still be made. Once you cut a Pond Liner...Well, you're kind of limited as to what can change now!.

Cost Analysis: Includes all of the construction costs relating to the design. All phases of the Waterfall or Pond construction, timing of the project, materials, equipment, and warranties are provided in a cost breakdown and analysis for your review.

Once the design and contracts are completed, the necessary permits will be obtained and an excavation day will be scheduled.

Get ready, because here we go!!

Much More to Come...

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Waterfall Construction and Concrete Ponds from Ontario, Canada


There are few elements in nature as Beautiful as a clear running waterfall and stream - water bumping over the rocks and stones as it rushes along. A stone stepped waterfall splashing and swirling into a pool or pond below! The next natural fascination would be the stones and rocks, moss, small wildflowers and plants, bushes and trees. All elements of nature so perfect in their environment. With this in mind, we will blend those perfect elements of nature into your Waterfall, new water garden, pond, or water feature. The majority of our rock and stone is all from the Beautiful Bruce Peninsula in Ontario, Canada. You will not find natural Beauty in stone and Rock in too many other places in the world like the Bruce! If you don't see it here, Ask ! We can get it ! From Large Boulders to the smallest fragile rockery with millions of years of stories to tell....Thank you for taking the time to consider our Waterfall Construction, water garden construction, water feature construction, Concrete Pond Construction and Pond Reconstruction Services. It will be an honor to serve you. webuildwaterfalls.com is a canadian owned and operated company.Steve


Waterfall Design and Construction. Pond Construction, Big or Small


Waterfall and Pond photos. Creative Inspiration

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